Best Laid Plans
A Lake George Mystery

by Anne White

ISBN #1-59133-169-2 Hardcover
ISBN #1-59133-170-6 Paperback

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1. How would you describe Loren?

2. Are you sympathetic to her commitment to the community center?

3. Do you think she acted correctly after she found the body in the display case?

4. Do you understand why Don is angry at Loren? Is he justified?

5. What does Madeline Hathaway accomplish at the Center which Loren couldn’t? How?

6. Madeline’s murder starts everyone gossiping about her. Have you heard this kind of gossip about someone and how did you react?

7. Loren thinks of people in Emerald Point as haves and have nots. Is this true in every town? Which characters in the book belong in each of these categories?

8. Loren’s involvement with Connie and Uncle Dwight begins innocently. Do you think she became too involved with them? At what point?

9. Did you guess the name of the man Madeline was seeing?

10. Loren and Elaine are both strong women with a variety of commitments. How are they alike? How are they different?

11. How do the people in the diner compare to those in Madeline and Ted’s world?

12. Why does Loren continue to visit Don at the hospital? What do you think will happen to their relationship when he regains consciousness?

13. Kate works hard to make a success of her catering business. Do you understand why she and Loren have become friends?

14. Josie and Connie are close to the same age. How are they alike? How are they different? Do they remind you of teenagers you know?

15. If the book were to be made into a movie, who would you like to see in the roles?

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