Beneath the Surface

by Anne White


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l. Even after five years in Emerald Point Loren Graham sometimes feels like an outsider. Have you ever been an outsider and how did you handle it?

2. What was your reaction to Todd Lewis’s behavior at the lake and later at Loren’s office?

3. Have you known blended families like the Taggerts? What problems do you think can occur?

4. What’s your impression of Tammy Stevenson? What factors may have contributed to her becoming the town bad girl?

5. Have you ever seen a car or snowmobile raised from a lake?

6. Does it seem strange that Tammy’s mother is so concerned about her pocketbook?

7. What was your reaction to Bob Taggert’s visit to Loren? Do you agree with Loren’s decision not to report him to the sheriff’s department?

8. Why do you think Stephanie, the newspaper reporter, might be reluctant to share information with Loren?

9. Have you attended a memorial service and luncheon like the one held for Tammy?

10. What issues were discussed at the Chamber of Commerce meeting and why were they important to the residents of Emerald Point? Did you understand why the bateaux were important to local historians?

11. What did you think about Loren’s relationship with Jack?

12. Have you ever known a dowser? Do you think a dowser can really find water or objects under water?

13. How does Jack’s story about Tammy’s attempted seduction tie in with your view of her?

14. What do you know about Rogers’ Rangers and their role in the French and Indian War?

15. Why does Loren’s dinner with Don Morrison turn sour?

16. Loren already knows that some local businesses are experiencing financial problems. How does Jack’s story about his father and Deke’s suicide attempt add to her concerns for the town?

17. What’s your impression of Jeannie Spenser?

18. Have you ever used coded writing yourself or have you known people who did?

19. What part does Tammy’s pocketbook play in the story?

20. Ramona’s life seems to be in turmoil. What do you think has happened to her and Deke?

21. Why is Jack so upset about the Inn?

22. What’s your opinion of Phil Johnson?

23. What sections of the book gave you a sense of place? What did you learn about Lake George and its history?

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